HATCHET To Release New Album In March!!

Good news everyone! Hatchet are FINALLY releasing a brand new studio album this coming March!! I’ve been a huge fan of the San Francisco thrashers since the band released their debut album – Awaiting Evil, way back in 2008 and I’ve been absolutely dying to hear a follow up ever since.

It’s been a busy four years for the Bay Area thrashers, members have come and gone and as a result the band was dropped from Metal Blade Records. However Hatchet has managed to bounce back with a revamped line-up, a brand new record deal and most important of all – a brand new studio album!

Titled Dawn Of The End, the new Hatchet will feature 10 brand new tracks and will be released on March 5th via The End Records. Read the official press release below: 

March 5th, 2013 marks the release date of the latest album from the Bay Area’s Hatchet. The quartet’s sophomore work is a huge step forward in precise aggression, performance, songwriting and production. Having recently confirmed The End Records as the band’s new home the band and label want to share a new song from the album, “Fall From Grace”, in addition to Dawn of the End’s cover, as illustrated by All Things Rotten (Children of Bodom, Eluvetie, Amon Amarth).

“Fall From Grace” was chosen as the first preview track off Dawn of the End. This song is about the fall of Lucifer from heaven as the fable goes. Lucifer was struck down by God for taking a stand against him leading to what we now know as Satan and Hell; that is if you believe in that sort of thing.

The cover art of Dawn of the End was meant to depict and signify the title of the album in one picture. It’s the end of all mankind — a total apocalypse. This could be depicted in many ways, but to us this might be a scene from the end of the world with Death summoning demons to rise from their slumber and ascend unto our world and destroy it completely. I’ve just always been a fan of apocalyptic scenes. Very metal!” laughs Julz.

As if the thought of a new Hatchet album wasn’t exciting enough the band has decided to blow our minds by releasing a brand new track. Wow. Wreck your neck to Fall From Grace in the player below and when you’re done thrashing yourself senseless be sure to download it for free and pre-order the album from this location!


Artwork for the new HATCHET.
TRACK Listing:
01. After The Dark
02. Silenced By Death
03. Screams Of The Night
04. Fall From Grace.
05. Revelations Of Good And Evil
06. Signals Of Infection
07. Dawn Of The End
08. Sinister Thoughts
09. Welcome To The Plague
10. Vanishing Point

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