Those of you who follow Global Thrash Assault on Facebook know I have been hinting at something for the last several weeks. Something that would be “Live 365 Days A Year.” Many of you speculated that this was going to be some type of radio show or radio station and many of you were indeed correct.

Global Thrash Assault Radio will feature both old and new thrash metal bands from around the world. Its sole purpose is to cover thrash metal and all its sub-genres (blackened thrash, death thrash, crossover and anything else you can think of). Simply put this station was created by a fan for the fans so if you have any requests or suggestions then please feel free to contact me!

If you’re in a band that would like to be featured on Global Thrash Assault Radio then feel free to submit a track to me at Lets all make this the best thrash metal station on the internet!


  1. Nice! This is a great idea, just keep up the good work. I’ve been looking for a thrash metal radio for long a time, and it seems that I finally found it. Thanks dude!

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