In case you didn’t know I’m a huge fan of Insinnerator. The Dallas trio’s debut album – Stalagmite of Ice, was a slab of thrash metal fury and although the album features a few flaws ( i.e vocals and production) it has found a steady place in my rotation since being released nearly two years ago. Let’s face it, tracks like “Children of the Cult” and “Knee Deep In The Dead” had us all wiggling our way into skin tight jeans and attempting to lace up our white high tops.

Thrashers every where rejoiced when Insinnerator announced they were FINALLY hitting the studio to record a five track EP this past October after spending what seemed like countless months writing what this blogger hoped was going to be a great follow up to a solid debut. Insinnerator finally released the much anticipated Hypothermia EP to eager fans around the world this past December and once again thrashers rejoiced!

As it turns out Hypothermia was everything I was hoping for and more, all those busy months of writing and rehearsing have really payed off for the band because Insinnerator has just released a five track album that will surely please fans and silence critics. Any issues you may of had with “Stalagmite…” have been corrected. Vocalist “Brutal” Ben has clearly been working on his delivery and it shows, he is sounding cleaner and meaner than ever before and so is the rest of Insinnerator. Hypothermia features crystal clear production which allows the listener to hear every neck breaking riff this album has to offer and if you know anything about Insinnerator then you won’t be surprised to hear this EP is jam packed loads of great riffage and a ton shredding.

Tracks like “Burned Alive” and “Pentagram” will have you thrashing like a maniac while you scream your lungs out and bang your head until your brain turns into gray goo and drains out your ears. The albums title track provides a much needed break from the onslaught as Christopher “Atomic Thrasher” lays down a near three minute acoustic track which sends chills up your spin and does a nice job cementing the ice cold theme of the album. Hypothermia forges on with “Elemental Ice Dragon,” a seven and a half minute track featuring a dark atmosphere and fierce riffs whose sole purpose is to induce violent headbanging and leave you thrashed and starving for more. Wrapping up the album is the track “Aquatic Abyss” which features guitarist Christopher “Atomic Thrasher” on vocals belting out screams from hell while drummer Juan “Speed” delivers a furious drum assault. With Hypothermia Insinnerator has not only taken a step in the right direction but they’ve exceeded any and all expectations. Simply put your body will be thrashed and your mind will be blown!

BOTTOM LINE: Although only five tracks long Hypothermia is nothing less than a beast of an album. Ripping solos, killer neck breaking riffs and fantastic musicianship is what Insinnerator delivers on their latest EP. All expectations have been exceeded. Hypothermia may be ice cold but Insinnerator are red hot!

OVERALL: 95/100

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of Hypothermia at this location. Don’t forget to check the band out on Facebook here!

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