INSINNERATOR Release New Track; Announce Release Date For HYPOTHERMIA.

I love Insinnerator and I have for a long time. In fact those of you who have followed this site since its inception way back on January 12th of this year may recall they were the first band I ever mentioned on this blog. Since that fateful day way back in January a lot has gone on. For one I’d like the think the writing on this site has improved dramatically but more importantly Insinnerator made the announcement that they would be releasing a five track EP dubbed Hypothermia!

Since making the announcement all those months ago Insinnerator have dropped a few hints here and there about the release of Hypothermia but nothing solid. For what seemed like an eternity I waited patiently searching the bands Facebook Page for any news or updates on the album but found nothing, the anticipation for this release was driving me mad!

However all that changed on December 4th when the band officially announced they were in the studio recording their much anticipated Hypothermia EP! To say the band worked quickly would be an understatement, just a mere two weeks after announcing their studio time Insinnerator announced a release date for Hypothermia for the 22nd of December! However the news gets even better as the Texas thrashers were kind enough to share a brand new track off of Hypothermia entitled “Pentagram” just two days ago!

Artwork for HYPOTHERMIA!

To say I’ve been thrashing myself senseless to this track would be an understatement. I have literally wrecked my neck listening to Pentagram. The track features everything you could possibly want in a thrash metal song including great headbanging riffs performed at light speed, brutal drumming, bitching solos and it’s all tied together nicely with some great production! Simply put  if the rest of Hypothermia sounds anything like this track Insinnerator’s latest EP will easily make many “Top Albums Of 2012” lists.

Be sure to check out Pentagram in the player below and once your done thrashing like a mad man be sure to pre-order the album at this location!

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