EXARSIS Release Art Work and Track Listing For Upcoming New Album “The Brutal State.”

The Greek thrashers known as Exarsis have been busy working on their brand new studio album – The Brutal State, for a few months now. Way back in September the band gave us a preview of things to come by releasing their debut music video for the track Toxic Terror, a killer Bay Area influenced tune which will be featured on the bands upcoming sophomore album. Since being relentlessly thrashed by Toxic Terror nearly three months ago I’ve been foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog in anticipation for new tunes by Exarsis as well as any information regarding the release of The Brutal State but to my dismay I haven’t heard a thing…until now.

Earlier this week Exarsis not only revealed the kick ass artwork (done by Andrei Bouzikov) for The Brutal State but the track listing for the album as well. As we all know these are uncertain times, everywhere you look there are people facing hardships and in some places despair has become a way of life. Judging by the albums artwork and title of the tracks, Exarsis don’t seem to be taking a back seat on the issues facing the world today. In fact it looks like the band is doing just the opposite and taking these issues head on. Check out the artwork and track listing for The Brutal State below and keep your eyes peeled for more information regarding this highly anticipated release as they’re revealed.


01 – Annihilation…Proceed!!
02 – Mind Poisoning
03 – Addicting Life Waste
04 – Vote For Crisis
05 – Dying Earth
06 – Toxic Terror
07 – Surveillance Society
08 – Apathy, Ignorance, Oblivion
09 – Suicide Disorder
10- Under Destruction

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