SEWERCIDE Release New Video For “Hypothermia”

If you follow this blog then you already know I’m a huge Sewercide fan. I’ve talked about these up and coming thrashers from down under on more than one occasion here on Global Thrash Assault and there’s a good reason for that, the band simply rules! Their aggressive in your face music is unadulterated and heavier than most bands I’ve heard today and I simply can’t get enough of it.


Perhaps the only thing more enjoyable than the bands killer music is their insane work ethic. This year alone the band released its debut Severe Trauma demo, the first Sewercide music video for the track Pyrocataclysm, a four track split with fellow Aussie thrashers Randomorder and not to mention a few live shows along the way. Just when you think there’s nothing more this band can possibly do this year, Sewercide have released a new music video for their latest track Hypothermia and like all things Sewercide it rules!

Be sure to check out the bands latest music video below and head on over to the bands official Facebook Page for the latest on all things Sewercide!

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