RUSTED BRAIN Release Preview Samples For Upcoming Album!

Polish thrashers Rusted Brain are on the verge of releasing their highly anticipated debut full length album, High Voltage Thrash. A few weeks ago the band released the albums amazing artwork and ever since fans every where have been dying for more information regarding the release. Well, it appears this past weekend the the mighty Rusted Brain has decided to give the people what they wanted by releasing a brief one minute sampling of things to come!

With this 60 second sampler Rusted Brain has left me drooling in anticipation and dying to hear more! In all seriousness, if the rest of this album lives up to this preview then High Voltage Thrash will surely live up to its name! Be sure to check out Rusted Brain on their official website and on Facebook. Oh and don’t forget to check out the audio sample of High Voltage Thrash at this location! 

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  1. Never enjoyed them. Their music is too generic and furthermore they are posing to be torch-bearing young thrash group in Poland (which is obvious failure despite enforced plastic promotion)

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