UPDATE: Questions Regarding Wreck Your Neck Answered!

Ever since revealing the art work for the Wreck Your Neck compilation I’ve been getting a lot of questions, mainly along these lines:

“How much is this going to cost?”
“Will this be a CD or digital release?”
“Will you ship internationally?”

To answer all these questions at once, Wreck Your Neck will be a series of free digital compilations. Now I know what a lot of you maybe thinking and it’s probably something along these lines:

“Why not press the damn thing?”

The answer is simple. I didn’t start the Wreck Your Neck series to make money, I started it to expose great thrash metal bands to new audiences around the world in away that fans every where can enjoy.

For example:

Do fans of the killer band in Massachusetts know about the killer band from Australia or vice versa?

Wreck Your Neck will allow fans from around the world to be exposed to killer new bands from around the world, it’s that simple.

The other question I’ve been getting asked a lot lately is this:

“If you’re giving the compilation away for free why did you commission such killer artwork?”

That’s a good question. Why would I pay money out of pocket knowing damn well I’m never going to see any of it ever again? The answer may seem crazy to some but to me it makes perfect sense. If I’m going to put the Global Thrash Assault name on something and ask a whole bunch of bands to join in then it has to be the best it could possibly be. Sure I could of easily have put the words “wreck your neck” in some cheesy ass boxed font and called it a day but to me that would have been flat out insulting to everyone involved. As a fan I’ve always enjoyed art work that stands out, the kind of work that you find yourself staring at while smiling uncontrollably. That’s exactly what this art work is. The fact is bands work their asses off mastering their instruments, writing new material and they pay tons of money to record said material. Words cannot express how much I admire / love them for what they do and I know there are plenty of people reading this who feel the same way. The Wreck Your Neck series is my way of giving back to all the bands that have worked so hard over the years, to me they deserve no less than the very best and I’d like to think that is what I am giving them!

With that said I hope any questions still lingering about this release have been answered. The track listing will be revealed later this week so keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. All the same, you should make a downloadable cover and back insert [drawn to spec] so people can make discs for themselves. With that cover art, I definitely want a CD of it instead of looking at it on my MP3 player…

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