DR. LIVING DEAD Release New Track!

A little over a month ago the crossover thrashers known as Dr. Living Dead released the title and track listing off their upcoming album which is expected to drop sometime next month via High Roller Records. After the big announcement from the band, fans every where (myself included) were left wondering when some killer new tunes from the Doc would be released for their listening pleasure. Well lucky for us we didn’t have to wait long as the band unleashed a brand new track entitled “You’re Lost” just the other day!

You’re Lost features everything fans have come to expect from Dr. Living Dead, including neck throbbing riffs, a pretty bitchin’ solo and relentless drumming. To sum things up, You’re Lost is sure to put a smile on your face so be sure to give it a listen in the player below!

The track list for Radioactive Intervention is:

01. Radioactive Intervention
02. You’re Lost
03. Signs From The Other Side
04. The Meaning of Life
05. They Live
06. Bearer of Truth
07. Suffering
08. Mental Warzone
09. Life Sucks
10. Hiding Inside of Me
11. Timeless
12. Dead New World

4 Comments on DR. LIVING DEAD Release New Track!

  1. There is absolutely nothing interesting about this song. Just ’cause it’s Thrash, don’t always mean it’s good. This band seems to be on a steady decline, since their last demo, before the debut album came out. They need a musical identity of their own, instead of utilizing cheap, cartoon ‘gimmicks’ to get noticed. It’s not funny. It just makes bands like this appear juvenile, and silly. Maybe that’s the point after all…

    • I think it just comes down to taste. I personally loved the debut Dr. Living Dead album and I’ve been anticipating the follow up. I enjoyed the track, but again it just comes down to taste.

      I do agree with you about gimmicks though. To me music is more important than an image, however if the band writes good music and puts on a good live show then I don’t mind it so much.

  2. Funny how taste can differ. I’ve loved the DOC since their demo CD-R days and still i think this is one of their best songs yet, it’s way more personal sounding than before, the hints and tributes to all the bands that they’re inspired by are toned down quite a bit, and that’s a good thing in my book.

  3. Yes, I certainly hope the rest of the album is better. I was just speaking of the one song so far. And I’d like to add that it’s nice to know people on here can disagree, without ‘name calling’.

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