SANITARIUS Slay And Their New Material Proves It!

I was first introduced to Sanitarius a few months back when I witnessed the band open for Sanctuary at the Gramercy Theater in New York City. I was so impressed by the bands live performance that I immediately took to the internet to learn everything there was to know about this incredible four piece band from Staten Island. I soon discovered Sanitarius had been around for a number of years and in 2007 the band released an EP entitled Eyes To The Soul (available here). I quickly bought the album and was thoroughly impressed by what I heard, however I craved more, in fact I needed more.

I soon learned my appetite for killer thrash would be satisfied when Sanitarius announced they would be hitting Underground Sound Studio with producer Billy Graziadei (Biohazard, Suicide City) to record their debut full length album! For months I eagerly awaited the release of a brand new Sanitarius track but heard nothing. Part of me was losing hope, would I ever hear a new Sanitarius song? As it turns out the question I asked for so many months would finally be answered by the band earlier this week when at long last the mighty Sanitarius broke the silence by unleashing a brand new track dubbed Eternal! As if that wasn’t exciting enough the band also released two re-recorded tracks – Eyes To The Soul and Shell Shock – which will also appear on the bands long over due debut album!

Sanitarius takes classic thrash and puts a spin on it by adding just the right amount of progressive elements successfully creating a sound that is not only unique but is both new and exciting in the world of thrash metal. Thrashers fear not, Sanitarius’s music will have you throwing the horns up in approval while you check yourself into a hospital due to a severe case of whiplash brought on by mind blowing riffs, impressive solos and a furious double bass assault. But enough talking on my part. Sanitarius’s material speaks for itself, so be sure to check out Eternal, Eyes To The Soul and Shell Shock in the players below and don’t forget to check the band out on their official Facebook page!

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