Italian Thrashers MADMAZE Announce New Line Up.

If you don’t know about MadMaze you need to get with it! Earlier this year the band released their killer debut full length album – Frames of Alienation – through Punishment 18 Records and since its release the album has gone on to receive great reviews from critics around the world. However the Italian thrashers have been side lined for most of this year with a vacancy in their bass slot and to make matters worse the band also parted ways with original vocalist Alberto Dettori this Spring.

Fear not thrashers for I bring you good news, MadMaze are back with an all new line-up! Filling the vacant bass position is Luca Paolini (ex-Criminal Side) while Danny Schiavina (Demolition Saint) is the man replacing Dettori. Rounding out the line-up are founding members Alberto Baroni and Luca Venturelli on guitar and Mirko Virdis is the man behind the drums. Although the new line-up has just been announced it appears that MadMaze are getting right back into the swing of things by assuring fans “There will be a lot of news very soon” via their Official Facebook Page. Although no news has been announced yet, I’ll be sure to bring you the details as they emerge!

The revamped MadMaze line-up.

In the meantime be sure to pick up a copy of MadMaze’s debut album Frames of Alienation. It’s seriously one of the best albums of 2012!

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