There’s nothing I love more than driving around on a beautiful sunny day with the windows rolled down and the volume on my stereo cranked all the way up blaring furious old-school thrash metal. As of late the weather where I live has been nothing short of perfect and as a result the speakers in my car have been pushed to their absolute limits, especially since I’ve discovered Brazilian thrashers Dunkell Reiter.

Similar to myself the members of Dunkell Reiter have a special spot in their hearts for old-school Teutonic terrors like Destruction and Sodom. Although the band formed in 1997 one could easily be tricked into believing these thrash maniacs have been around since 1987, especially after listening to the bands latest offering Death and Pain which was released earlier this year through EBM Records.

Although Death and Pain does little in advancing the modern thrash metal scene, I get the feeling it was never supposed too, especially since the album features the same raw production which was so commonly heard in the ‘glory’ years of thrash metal. Though there may be people out there who would be quick to dismiss a band like Dunkell Reiter for some ignorant reason that has never (and will never) make any sense to me, their criticisms are missed placed. Bands like Dunkell Reiter are why we all fell in love with thrash metal in the first place and why we all continue to love the genre after all these years. Death and Pain is a 45 minute thrill ride back in time to a period when white high-tops, long hair and patched denim vests weren’t just a fashion statement, but rather a way of life. Similar to their ’80’s influences Dunkell Reiter jam pack Death and Pain with so much high octane riffage and blistering solos it’ll make your head spin and cause you to thrash violently around your living room sofa destroying everything in your path while aggressive drumming pummels you more violently than a horde of pissed off elephants. Yeah, it’s that good.

BOTTOM LINE: Although Death and Pain doesn’t provide us with anything new this is still one hell of an album any fan of the genre will want to hear. Bands like Dunkell Reiter are why we all fell in love with thrash in the first place and Death and Pain is an album that will surely put a smile on any thrashers face!

OVERALL: 90/100

Be sure to check Dunkell Reiter out on the bands official Myspace Page! You can also get your hands on Death and Pain at this location!

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