TRANSGRESION Are Tremendous!

There’s nothing I love more than when a young band contacts me looking for support, it’s a great feeling that is simply indescribable. Female fronted Puerto Rican thrashers Transgresiòn – who recently just released their debut two track album “…de sangre y represiòn” – were the most recent band to contact me, and boy am I glad they did!

Transgresiòn certainly show great promise on their first release, it’s clear from the moment you hit play that this band has both the passion and the ability to thrash, and that’s exactly what they do. Both “Guerra Civil” and “Cerdo De Azul” are high energy tracks that feature some pretty bad ass riffs that make banging your head a hard thing to resist. Mix these killer riffs with some furious drumming, and well blended lyrics performed in the bands native tongue and what you have is one addicting as hell album you’ll have a hard time putting down. Seriously, you’re gonna want to listen to these two tracks over and over again and once you’ve stopped, you’re gonna want to start up once more. So do yourself a favor and check out Transgresiòn over on the bands official Facebook and ReverbNation pages and be ready to wreck your neck!

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