RUSTED BRAIN Release Artwork For Upcoming Debut Album.

Warsaw’s old-school thrash metal warriors Rusted Brain may be a young and upcoming band, having formed only three short years ago in 2009, but they sure do work fast! Just a year after their formation the band released their phenomenal Juggler EP and have been steadily rising in popularity ever since. Now just two short years later it appears Rusted Brain are at it again. This time the band is back with their first full length album – High Voltage Thrash – which promises to be a real pain in the neck (if you know what I mean!) Although a release date for the album has yet to be announced, it’s pretty safe to assume the album will drop sooner rather than later, especially since the band has just released the albums cover work, which by the way if pretty freakin’ badass!

Judging by the above art work and what I’ve already heard from Rusted Brain, there’s no doubt in my mind that High Voltage Thrash is going to rule. As a matter of fact I’m officially putting this album in my “highly anticipated” category and I suggest you do the same!

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