Greek Thrashers EXARSIS Release Debut Music Video!

The year 2012 has been a busy one for the Greek thrashers Exarsis. Not only has the band been playing a ton of live shows as of late but they’ve also inked a deal with Athens Thrash Attack and released their killer debut album Under Destruction! However it appears that things in the Exarsis camp are just getting started as the band has just released their debut music video for the song Toxic Terror which will appear on Exarsis’s second album ‘The Brutal State’.

The song itself rules. Toxic Terror has an old-school Bay Area sound and features some brilliant riffage that will surely get your head banging the second you hit play. The madness doesn’t end there though, ear-piercing vocals and killer lead guitar work will push you to the brink and the bitching drum fills will finally cause your head to explode! The video itself is well produced and should put a smile on the face of any thrasher, after all the madness that is caught on film here is the reason we all love thrash!

Check out the video in the player below and keep an eye open for more updates on The Brutal State in the future!

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