TERRIFIER Are Tremendous!

There’s a good chance you’re familiar with Canada’s Terrifier and just don’t realize it. This four piece has been kicking ass and taking names ever since their inception way back in 2003 when childhood friends Chase Thibodeau and Rene Wilkinson got together with a vision for a thrash metal band. Originally thrashing under the name Skull Hammer (sound familiar?) the Vancouver natives quickly began establishing themselves in their local scene, however like many bands, Terrifier has undergone their fair share of set backs and lineup changes. However a few set backs weren’t enough to stop these determined headbangers and in 2005 Terrifier released their first demo. Since then the band has gone on to share the stage with heavy weights such as Anvil, 3 Inches of Blood and Into Eternity (just to name a few) and just last year Terrifier kicked this up another notch by releasing their extraordinary debut album “Destroyers of the Faith.”

“Destroyers…” is an album that showcases a band on the rise. Once you hit play it becomes obvious that Terrifier are going to have a lengthy and extremely successful career. With their astonishing musicianship Terrifier will pound your ear drums with mind blowing riffs that display the bands love for thrash legends like Metallica and Kreator while still managing to keep things fresh. As if fantastic riffs weren’t enough to send you into an uncontrollable climax, Terrifier set fire to their fret boards by executing flawless solos which are capable of melting your face and turning your brain into gray goo. Throw in some astonishing drum work and gnarly, kick ass vocals and what you have is a jaw dropping release that some bands spend their whole career trying to create. Did I mention this was Terrifier’s debut album?

If the thought of listening to Destroyers of the Faith doesn’t get your heart racing then I have some good news that surely will. Terrifier are currently set to record a brand new EP entitled “Weapons of Thrash Destruction!” Although not much news has been revealed about the bands upcoming release one can only assume it’s going to be as killer as Destroyers of the Faith is. Once more details are revealed I’ll be sure to bring them to you, but for now be sure to check out Terrifier on the bands official Facebook and ReverbNation pages!

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