INTERVIEW: Scott Clayton of BLUDVERA Discuses The UK Thrash Scene, The Release of TerrorForm and the Future Of Bludvera!!

If you’re not familiar with the UK thrashers known as Bludvera then you are missing out. In a few short years the band has gone from being relatively unknown to a rising star of the thrash metal scene, not only in their native Liverpool but around the world. Earlier this year the band released their phenomenal Terrorform EP and just when fans thought things for the band couldn’t get any better vocalist Scott Clayton took some time out to set the record straight by discussing the UK thrash scene, the release of Terrorform and exciting news regarding the bands future!

GLOBAL THRASH ASSAULT: Thanks for taking sometime out to answer a few question today. I know you guys are extremely busy as of late.

SCOTT CLAYTON: Yeah things have been moving fast as of now. Not only did we finally get our merchandise sorted. We’re working on another release which should be out soon.

So Bludvera have been around since 2008. Tell me, how did you guys get started?

Well it started off as a group of friends who had a love for Heavy Metal and it kind of evolved from there. There’s been a few changes in the lineup, most of them for the better. Bludvera keeps getting stronger and stronger. I’d love to say that this will be the final lineup but who knows what will happen in the future.

The UK thrash scene is a personal favorite of mine. What’s it like to be part of such a thriving scene?

It’s great. When I first started out, I didn’t think there was a scene. After playing so many shows around the country, you start to see familiar faces and even though it’s a small community, we’re all very close-knit. It’s awesome how loyal and supportive the Thrash Metal scene really is.

Other than Bludvera, what are some up and coming bands people should be listening to from the UK?

I’ll name drop a few; Ram-Raid (Our up and coming brothers from Liverpool), Shrapnel, Desolator and Septic Fatality. There were many more which we cliqued with but unfortunately a lot of them aren’t around anymore.

I have to say, Bludvera writes some pretty killer music. As a band what are some of your influences?

We’re highly influenced by German/Teutonic and Bay Area Thrash. This helped influence and create the foundations of Bludvera. We’re also influenced by Technical and Progressive Thrash bands such as; Artillery, Coroner and Voivod to name a few. All these influences came together to create our sound. We’re lovers of all Thrash Metal, we just like to try and think outside the box once and a while. Whether or not people think we are is another thing.

Earlier this year the highly anticipated Terrorform EP was unleashed upon the masses. Walk me through the writing process of the album. How does and album this good come together?

The album consisted of half old material and half new. Songs like ‘Reanimate’ and ‘Conjure the Dead’ were written first, while we were in the studio recording our first demo. We wrote; Citizen Monopoly, Parasitic Death Sentence and Voyage Beyond the System leading up to our performance at Bloodstock Open Air (UK’s largest independent metal festival). Finally, Powerhouse and Terrorform were polished off, right before we got in the studio to record ‘Terrorform’. If you listen to those songs now, you might be able to see similarities in style and maybe also establish evolution/maturity in our music.

Listening to Terrorform it’s clear you guys have a distinct old-school vibe but at the same time you keep things extremely fresh and totally original. Was this something you guys set out to achieve or did if just kind of happen?

Well at first, we just wanted to play music like the bands we loved. I guess now we’re trying our best to keep things fresh somehow. Usually it’s creating more ‘interesting’ riffs, as if you keep things generic it ends up sounding a lot more similar and simple. I’m not saying we’re fresh but we’re trying to keep people interested in what we do and still give a good attempt at Thrash Metal. Still paying homage to our influences.

Prior to signing with EBM Records you guys were selling Terrorform digitally to raise funds in order to press physical copies of the album, and you received overwhelming support from fans. How gratifying was it to have that kind of support from people around the world?

It was great, so many people came forward to help us and in the end it paid off. We finally go our CDs, the money contributed helped go towards this cause and also has helped us get closer to more merchandise. Overall, it supported us and kept us going. That’s all we really asked for. Thanks for everyone who helped out.

Not long after announcing your plan to press physical copes it was announced that Bludvera had inked a deal with EBM Records and that the Terrorform EP would be released through the label as part of the “Thrash Is Back Series.” Tell me, how did the deal with EBM come to be?

They got in touch with us early as they loved our stuff. We kept it on hold for awhile, did everything we could on our own for as long as we could and then it came to a time when we were all broke and just couldn’t get the physical copies out. People were satisfied that it was available for download but most wanted a physical copy. EBM gave us a very generous deal and done their bit in helping ‘Terrorform’ get out to the world. We’re grateful for that. It’s selling exceptionally well and it also helped us get through those tough times and now everything’s back on track. We’ll definitely have everything sorted before the next release is out.

As far as EBM, is there a long term deal in play or will Terrorfomr be the only album released through the label?

Who knows what the future holds. We’ll review our contract and get back to them at the end of the year. They’ve been great to us, it’s just too soon to see where things will go.

You guys just announced a new guitar player, Joey to your line-up, how are things working out with your new axe man?

It’s great, he fits in with the rest of the fellas. As well as being our new guitarist, he’s a new member of the family. He’s brought something fresh to the table. A new outlook on our sound and on our music. I just hope everything works out and that this release will be even crazier than the last one.

So word on the street is that Bludvera currently have some studio time booked for November. Are these rumors true?

Yes, that’s true. We’re going back to Mike Pilat in Warrington (UK) where ‘Terrorfrom’ was recorded. We were really happy with the production on ‘Terrorform’ and we feel that he can bring the same if not better quality to the table than last time. We’re really excited to be putting something new out and working with Mike again.

Since studio time is indeed booked I think it’s safe to assume that the writing process is well underway for the next Bludvera release. Has the writing process for the future release been different from that of Terrorfrom? If so, how?

It’s been a lot slower. We’ve had a tough year losing one of guitarists and having to compete with our previous year which consisted of playing some of the best shows with the best bands we’ve ever played with. We’ve had some of these new ideas for a good few months now and it’s taken the same amount of time to pen down some lyrics but hopefully all this time will pay off and we’ll have some more bitchin’ tracks to add to the collection. I really hope everything comes together and the next release really pushes us further.

Can we expect another EP or a full length this time around?

I’d like to announce that we’re in the studio in November recording another EP. Preferably 5-7 tracks, kinda like Terrorform but I’m promising everyone that next year we’ll get in the studio and put out a full-length album. Hopefully made up of some of our personal favourites along with a load of new material. We have some other things up our sleeve as well. Keep your eyes peeled as next year is going to be packed with new stuff.

Is there a tentative release date for the new release?

I really hope to we can have it out in the first quarter of 2013.

How about an album title?

No title as of yet but you’ll be on of the first to know when it’s decided. I promise.

Alright, time for the million dollar question: What can fans expect to hear on the next Bludvera release?

Something heavier, faster and more technical than ‘Terrorform’. Still keeping true to our original style but also bringing something else in.

I imagine at the moment you guys are focusing on the upcoming studio session, but are there any other plans in store for the future? Can fans expect a Bludvera tour anytime soon?

I’d love to. It will definitely happen one day. If people keep supporting us and things keep moving forward as they are now, I can’t see why Bludvera can’t be a fully operational touring machine.

Thanks so much for the killer interview man, I know I’m not the only one out there who’s excited about the future of Bludvera. Before we part ways is there anything you’d like to add?

Without people enjoying our music, we wouldn’t have anything to live for. Keep supporting what we do an hopefully we’ll see you on the road somewhere. 

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