Australia’s RANDOMORDER Will Thrash You Senseless With “Resurrection”

Perhaps some of you may remember reading about (and headbanging to) the brand new Sewercide track a few weeks ago. If you have a good memory then you’ll recall that Sewercide and fellow Austalian thrashers Randomorder are joining forces to release what promises to be one hell of a 7″ split entitled “States of Decay” later this year. You’ve already heard from Sewercide now it’s time to get wrecked by Randomorder. 

Similar to their album partners Randomorder have delivered a track that can only be described as jaw dropping. The six minute track entitled Resurrection is a prime example of what good metal sounds like and features everything you could possibly want in a great metal song including tight riffs that are intense and in your face, fierce vocals, furious drumming and some pretty damn good solos as well. Simply put this is one hell of a track that will have you maliciously pressing the “re-play” button time and time again for hours on end.

You can listen to Resurrection in the player below. If you like what you hear then the band has been kind enough to make the track available as a free download via their BandCamp Page, however I urge you to give what you can and support this killer band!!

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