If you’re anything like me and are always on the look out for killer new thrash bands and you don’t troll around great music sites like ReverbNation, BandCamp and even Facebook then you need to start doing so! In all honestly about 90% of the bands covered on this site have been discovered by mindlessly surfing the web and the Southern German thrashers known as Septic Christ are no exception!

Originally formed in 2005 as Nothing to Nothing it wasn’t until the very end of 2007 when things kicked into high gear as founding members JxNothing and Chris Septic began to recruit the best musicians around and officially changed the name of the band to Septic Christ. Since establishing their line-up four years ago it has been nothing but hard work for the four piece. The band has played countless shows all over Europe and with two phenomenal full length albums under their belt (Infected Existence and Guilty As We Were Born) the band has slowly been catching the attention of fans from around the world, and with music this great it’s easy to see why!

Influenced by the Bay Area greats of the ’80’s, Septic Christ add a small dose of hardcore and a dash of politics to their music with the end result being a crippled neck and a smile on your face that stretches from ear to ear. To say Septic Christ pack a punch with their music would be an understatement, every track is like walking through a minefield of deadly riffs while each solo the band executes will leave your face in a melted puddle of goo. Just as fierce as the shredding are the pounding drums which assault your ear drums with a wide array of drum patterns and some pretty intense double bass drum all while harsh vocals spew out frustration in a way that demands your attention. Simply put if you aren’t aware of Septic Christ you need to check them out…RIGHT NOW! So head on over to either the official Septic Christ Facebook Page or ReverbNation Page and wreck your neck!

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