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The year 2012 has been nothing short of great as far as thrash metal is concerned. The new albums from Overkill, Kreator, Testament and Tankard were enough to blow the minds of thrashers world wide and with new releases from Lich King, Dr. Living Dead, Tantara and possibly Viking on the way it will be a miracle if fans of the genre don’t start foaming at the mouth by years end. With so many killer releases coming out in such a short period of time it’s entirely possible for a few gems to “fly under the radar” which brings me to Vindicator’s latest album, United We Fall.

Although I’ve considered myself a fan of the Ohio thrashers since the release of their debut album, There Will Be Blood in 2008 I have to admit, I didn’t hear much talk about the bands third full length album until it was released. Once a copy of the bands latest album found its way into my mailbox it was like Christmas morning for me. Popping the album into my stereo I acted exactly like a child would around the most wonderful time of the year, I screamed at the top of my lungs while jumping up and down and then preceded to sprint the length of my hallway while wailing my arms around like a possessed maniac. To say I was excited would be an understatement. Upon hitting play the previously mentioned antics continued but weren’t sparked from the pure excitement I was feeling at the time but rather from the killer thrash metal blaring through my speakers! To say Vindicator has struck pure gold on United We Fall would be underselling this release, the bastards of noise and aggression are at there absolute finest on their third full length, which is nice to see especially with the bands revamped line-up which has guitarist Vic Stown taking over vocal duties.

Listening to the albums intro it’s evident the band is fed up with their government and the terrible things happening in the world today and throughout the release Mr. Stown makes this opinions on these subjects very clear with his politically fueled lyrics. Whether you agree with what the band is saying or not is entirely up to you, however if you’re a fan of the thrash genre then you should have no problem agreeing that Vindicator’s music is right up there with the thrash metal elite. There are moments in this release where you will be dazzled with stunning acoustic guitar work but for the most part the band aims to snap necks by jam packing each track with killer riffs that would turn Dave Mustaine green with envy these days. Perhaps the greatest feature of United We Fall would be the impressive solos that will leave you picking your jaw up off the floor, not only are they brilliant but they’re performed with the highest skill level imaginable. As a matter of fact just about every aspect of United We Fall is performed at a high skill level which makes Vindicator’s latest album on of the best for the year 2012 thus far. United We Fall truly speak for themselves.

Be sure to pick up a copy of United We Fall from the official Slaney Records web store at this location, and to stay up to date with all things Vindicator be sure to check the band out on Facebook!

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