UPDATE: Global Thrash Assault Compilation.

This is something I’ve been talking about a lot over on this sites Facebook Page so I’d figured I would give you all an official update on things. For those of you who are unaware Global Thrash Assault will be releasing the first in a continuing series of free digital compilations in a very short period of time as away to further promote great thrash bands from around the world! I currently have bands from North America, Australia, and all over Europe who have agreed to take part in this and I will be sending out emails to a few more bands tomorrow. In addition I will also be contacting an artist tomorrow and as soon as the artwork is complete the compilation will be unleashed! 

There will truly be something for everyone on this release. From crossover to death/thrash you will certainly WRECK YOUR NECK once the compilation is released so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

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