SMASH POTATER Have Done It Again!

Looking for some really fun and addicting crossover? If you answered yes then you should need to be listening to Smash Potater’s latest EP entitled THE EP

Fans of the band will be happy to learn that ‘Tater’s latest effort is their best sounding release yet, the production is absolutely killer! However this is Smash Potater we’re talking about which means production isn’t the only thing fans (both old and new) should be excited about with this release. THE EP is chock full of hilarious lyrics with topics ranging from celebrities in the pit to questionable diet choices all done with a wide range of vocal styles including death metal growls.
Perhaps the only downside of this release is the length of the album, THE EP features five tracks but comes in at only 10 minutes long. However the band more than makes up for the length of the album by jam packing every track with tons of catchy as hell riffs that enter your ear holes, nestle their way into your brain and remain there for hours upon hours making this album a hard one to put down even after you’ve damaged your neck and broke all your mothers fine china by moshing around the living room like some kind of wild animal. Simply put, it doesn’t get much better than this!
If you haven’t done so already be sure to check Smash Potater out over on the band’s Official Facebook Page. Did I forget to mention that you can download THE EP for FREE at this location? Or if you prefer you can purchase a physical copy of the album which includes a few bonus tracks at this location, supplies are limited so get on it!

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