DESTITUTION Will Destroy You!

I first learned about the band Destitution from a loyal reader over on the Global Thrash Assault Facebook Page. I believe the gentleman described the band by using words like”completely kick ass” and “amazing.” After reading this description I knew immediately that I had to check this band out, so I did exactly that. After doing so I discovered Destitution formed in 2007 with a mission to play old-school thrash metal, and after listening to the bands debut three track EP The Human Error (which came out just last year) more times than I can count I’m happy to report that Destitution completely kick ass!

Heavily influenced by the early Bay Area thrash scene, Destitution jam pack all three tracks on The Human Error with killer riffs designed to get your entire body moving, face melting solos and melodies that are downright awe inspiring. However killer guitar work isn’t the only thing that makes Destitution great, listeners can also expect plenty of killer drum fills and gnarly vocals which spew out lyrics which speak volumes about the times we live in and the direction the human race is heading in, and if you haven’t figured it by the albums title and artwork (featured below) the band isn’t happy with the way things are going. However if you’re a thrash fan you should be loving the direction Destitution are heading. 

Simply put Destitution are perhaps the best band you never heard of, so do yourself a favor and change that by heading over to the band’s official website and downloading The Human Error FOR FREE! After you’re done listening to the album a billion times (literally) head on over to the official Destitution Facebook Page and give them a “like” to stay up to date with all the bands activities!

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