Mentally Defiled are yet another reason you should all love thrash metal from Greece. Originally formed in 2001 as a cover band, Mentally Defiled would soon move onto bigger and better things. However success didn’t come easy for the band, constantly plagued by line-up changes it wasn’t until 2008 that the band was able to record their phenomenal debut album The Thrash Brigade which was originally released by Thrash Massacre Records in 2009. Unfortunately due to their on going line-up issues Mentally Defiled were unable to promote the recording by playing live, but despite it all the album still received good reviews and even caught the eye of EBM Records who re-released The Thrash Brigade in 2011.

Regardless of the label one thing is for certain, Mentally Defiled are kick ass and The Thrash Brigade proves it! If you’re not banging your head then you’re in fact deaf because there isn’t one track on the bands debut album that isn’t capable of breaking your neck. How does the band go about wrecking ones neck you ask? Well, for starters Mentally Defiled have a killer old-school Bay Area sound and merge it with modern day influences, the end result of this hybrid is a listening experience fans around the world both young and old will find enjoyable. How could they not? The previously mentioned neck snapping riffs fit perfectly with the fast and furious drum assault, which fits perfectly with the shredtastic solos which go perfectly with the intense in your face vocals that are sure to get your blood pumping. See a pattern here? Not only is every aspect of this album executed with high quality precision but it all fits together PERFECTLY. The Thrash Brigade is nothing short of a killer album that your ears are gonna want to hear, so do ’em a favor and pick up your copy of The Thrash Brigade at this location!

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