There’s a lot to love about the Portuguese thrashers known as Terror Empire, and there’s no better proof of this then the bands recently released debut album Face The Terror. Featuring six tracks and coming in at nearly thirty minutes Face The Terror is jam packed with greatness, originality and relevance. With a high caliber of musicianship Terror Empire prove there are still plenty of riffs that haven’t been written and there are plenty of things still left to be said, especially about the times we live in. With pure anger and aggression this five piece grabs hold of your attention and never lets it go.

Lyrics about corrupt politics and government propaganda can be heard throughout Face The Terror and they’re hard to ignore, especially when they’re delivered using death metal like vocals that redefine the word brutal. However lyrics aren’t the only thing that are hard to ignore about Terror Empire, the bands music is like nothing heard before, to call it anything other than unique would be the understatement of the century and downright insulting. The fact is Terror Empire is a long overdue breath of fresh air for the thrash genre. The band takes the elements of traditional thrash and mixes them together with modern elements such as breakdowns, odd time signatures and tons of groove with the end result being one hell of an album and one very sore neck! Face The Terror is laced with riffs designed to inflict bodily injury while leaving a permanent smile plastered to your face. Fantastic riffs aren’t the only thing Terror Empire are good for though, throughout their entire debut album the band executes brutal drumming riddled with impressive foot work and kick ass fills and just when you think things can’t get any better lightning fast solos will literally set fire not only to your speakers but your brain as well leaving you crippled, broken and loving life.

The bottom line here is simple, everything about Terror Empire will put a smile on your face, simply put metal doesn’t get much better than this.

OVERALL: 100/100

If you’re looking to get your face caved in then do yourself a favor and head on over to the official  Terror Empire website and download Face The Terror! To stay up to date with the bands activities you can follow the band on Facebook as well!

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