It’s been a while since you all read a new feature here on Global Thrash Assault and I can’t think of a better way to make my comeback that Connecticut thrashers Shallow Ground. Originally formed in 1994 by guitarist/vocalist Keith Letourneau and fellow ax wheeler Tim Smith the band took a short hiatus and reformed in 2009 with a revamped lineup. With a new line-up established Shallow Ground immediately began writing material and in 2010 the bands hard work paid off in the form a five track self titled EP which will have thrashers everywhere asking themselves why they haven’t heard of this band sooner.

With their killer old-school sound Shallow Ground may not be bringing anything new to the genre, however the band does something much more important than that, their music shows us why we all love thrash metal. Powerful vocals and galloping drums are just the beginning of the madness that is Shallow Ground. The fantastic riffs may very well send you to the hospital with a broken neck while the downright impressive solos will melt your face right off. With such a high caliber of musicianship and passion for their craft Shallow Ground are in fact the definition of a great thrash band and their EP proves it. Be sure to grab your copy at the bands online retail store at this location. Once your neck has recovered you better prepare yourself for the next attack because the band is currently working on yet another crippling release!

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