REVIEW: Seax – High On Metal

If you’re looking for some killer old-school speed metal then the debut Seax album, High On Metal is in fact the album  for you. Listening to Seax’s nine track debut is like hoping into Doc Brown’s DeLorean and traveling back in time to a period when metal was full of passion and riffs and not silly screams and redundant break downs. High On Metal is what metal is supposed to sound like. The music is fast and the riffs are catchy, however that’s not all Seax bring to the table on their debut album. The entire band is running on all cylinders on this release, upon hitting play the listener will be bombarded with high pitched vocals, killer bass lines, fantastic drumming and lyrics about loving metal that will be stuck in your head for hours after you’ve stopped listening. However I must warn you, with a band like Seax it’s hard to stop listening. High On Metal is as addicting as it is killer and if you haven’t figured it out yet Seax have made an album that is pretty fucking killer! So be prepared to spin this release for quite some time! 

BOTTOM LINE: Seax show us all what metal should sound like on High On Metal by writing catchy as hell tunes. The entire band is running on all cylinders and it’s evident from the moment you hit play. There really isn’t much else to say other than High On Metal is a damn good album that any fan of the genre is gonna want to hear.
OVERALL: 95/100

High on Metal will be released this coming Thursday (July 5th) and the band is celebrating by throwing one hell of a CD release party in Worcester, Massachusetts. For more detail on the event you can check out the event page at this location. Be sure to check out Seax on the the bands Official Facebook Page!

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