Get Lost In The MAD MAZE!

The Italian thrash metal scene strikes again this time with the Bay Area influenced band Mad Maze! Originally formed in 2002 under the name Absence of Light the band started out by playing covers of classic thrash metal tunes. Unfortunately the band was unable to record any material and after four short years the group eventually disbanded and the members went their separate ways. However the year 2010 saw a resurrection of the band when Luca Venturelli (guitar) contacted his old band mates Alberto Baroni (vocals) and Mirko Virdis (drums) about playing together again, the members agreed and after contacting a few friends to play bass and guitar the band agreed on a name and Mad Maze was born!

With a new lease on life the former band members put their noses to the grindstone and began work on their debut EP No Time Left.. which dropped the same year as the band formed in 2010. The bands hard work paid off in the form of a downright killer EP which happened to catch the eye of Italian label Punishment 18 Records. After the two inked a deal Mad Maze immediately began work on their first full length album Frames of Alienation, which was released earlier this year!

Similar to its predecessor Frames of Alienation is a flat out killer release that will surely please any fan of the thrash metal genre. From the killer artwork to the killer tunes this album has it all. Throughout Frame of Alienation Mad Maze display their love for the Bay Area thrash scene while adding a modern metal twist to things that will result in one sore neck and two happy ears! The albums crystal clear production allows the listener to hear every single head banging riff,  fierce solo and various drum fills, and trust me when I say there are plenty you’re gonna want to hear. Tracks like Mad Maze, Caught In The Net and MK-Ultra will leave you with the taste of blood in your mouth and your body feeling like you just got hit by a freight train. Despite the side effects you’ll end up craving more and even when you get your fix it won’t be enough. Mad Maze may very well be the definition of a killer band and Frames of Alienation is proof!

Be sure to check out Mad Maze’s official website and Facebook Page. If you like what you hear then do yourself a favor and order both No Time Left… and Frames of Alienation from the official Mad Maze store at this location.

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