This past weekend I did some reading on both the Thrash Maniacs Blog and the New Wave Of Thrash Metal Blog and I noticed something, both sites had a feature about the UK death/thrash band Seprevation. Ever so curious to learn more about this band I decided to check them out for myself. After doing so I’m happy to report, this band kicks ass!

If you’re looking for killer death metal with elements of thrash then Seprevation are the band for you. Currently the band has a two track promo out (available as a free download here) and my only complaint about it is the fact it’s only two tracks long! Although Seprevation are great I must warn you, your neck may very well snap as the band executes deadly riffs in the vein of Death and Sadus that will unleash the animal in anyone who dares to hit play. Despite the risks I urge you to hit play because it simply doesn’t get much better than this.

For mor information of Seprevation you can check the band out on Facebook and while you’re there do yourself a favor and download the bands two track promo for FREE!

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