If you follow this site then you already know that Greece has a killer thrash metal scene. Suicidal Angels, Bio-Cancer, Mentally Defiled and Exarsis are just a few of the killer bands I’ve discussed on this site and all of them happen to be from the country of Greece. As of today you can all add Demolition Train to the ever growing list of killer thrash bands from Greece!

Demolition Train formed in 2009 with the purest intentions of rocking. In 2011 the band was able to establish a steady line-up and at last released their debut EP Kill Your Boss. Featuring four tracks and coming in at around 20 minutes Demolition Train’s debut release is a prime example of a young band that knows how to write some killer tunes. At times the music features a straight up rock n roll traditional heavy metal influence in the vein of Motorhead but then switches gears as Demolition Train bring the shred with their face melting solos and riffs that are catchier than the common cold. Throw in a few lyrics about loving rock n roll and what you have is an album that is as addicting as it is fun that you’re gonna want to hear!

Do yourself a favor and had on over the Demolition Train’s Myspace Page and listen to the entire Kill Your Boss EP. Since a lot of you aren’t regular Myspace users be sure to head on over the the bands Facebook Page and give them a “like” and be sure to keep an eye on Demolition Train, because this band is absolutely killer!

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