LIVE REVIEW: Municipal Waste And Company Lay Waste To Albany New York!

Last night I made the two hour trip up to New York’s capital of Albany to see the mighty Municipal Waste who are currently on tour with 3 Inches of Blood and Black Tusk. Opening the show were local acts Assault on the Living, In The Casket and all the way from Massachusetts the always great Lich King. With a line up as good as this many necks were destined to be sore, and at the end of the night I think it’s safe to save EVERY neck was sore!

The night began as the doors opened at approximately 6:30 pm, which was a half hour later than they were scheduled to open. The reason for the delay was one of the touring bands, Black Tusk were forced to cancel therefore the time slots had to be adjusted. Although the news of the cancellation was sad the large crowd seemed undeterred in their quest for an evening of heavy metal goodness, which began when the local death metal act Assault On The Living hit the stage. Although temperatures in the venue were unbearably hot due to lack of air conditioning the opening act lived up to their name. With a killer dual vocal attack, the occasional break down and chugging death metal riffs Assault On The Living had heads banging all around the room. Despite the demand for a vicious pit by both vocalist the crowd’s participation was scarce, however it wasn’t because of lack of effort, the boiling heat was simply draining the life out of everyone in the crowd. Assault On The Living carried on like true champions of the death metal genre and left the stage exhausted and the audience fully prepared for things to come.

The show carried on and the heat increased as In The Casket took the stage next. Featuring a triple ax attack which only ceased when one of the guitarist put down his guitar and began to play the key board, In The Casket drew the audience closer to the stage. Despite the heat people wanted to see the bands unique style of death metal which featured killer solos and deadly riffs up close and in person. In no time heads began to bang, fist started to pump and bodies began to move and even though the band looked exhausted and ready to collapse In The Casket put on a spectacular performance. As the band exited the stage the crowd showed their appreciation with a loud round of applause and screams of wanting more. Unfortunately due to time restrictions the hungry audience would have to wait another day to get what they wanted.

Up next where Massachusetts thrashers Lich King. Before their equipment was even set up the area in front of the stage was already filled with eager fans. After a quick sound check the band was ready to rage and so was the crowd. By this point of the night the temperature in the venue was unbearable even if you were just standing there, however the rowdy crowd didn’t seem to notice how hot it was, it was evident this crowd came to thrash and nothing was going to stop them. Never one to disappoint Lich King gave the people what they wanted right off the bat with their fan favorite Attack of the Wrath of the War of the Death of the Strike of the Sword of the Blood of The Beast and although that’s a tough one and hard to pronounce the audience had no problem reciting every word of the most metal title of all. In fact the audience had no problem pronouncing the words to all the songs in Lich King’s set which included ED-209, Act of War and Combat Mosh. As the bands set carried on so did the madness of the crowd. Stage diving, circle pitting and crowd surfing are a staple part of any Lich King show, however tonight these thrashing antics were rowdier than ever. It was Sunday and it was hotter than hell but watching Lich King’s set you would have never known it. However in an unfortunate turn of events the short set struck once again and Lich King were forced to exit the stage much to the displeasure of the audience. Even as the band was taking their equipment off the stage screams of “one more song” could be heard from the front of the stage to the back of the venue. Lich King had done something that the soaring temperatures couldn’t do, melt the audiences face.

The next band to hit the stage were Canadian metal titans 3 Inches of Blood who are fresh off the release of their latest album “Long Live Heavy Metal.” Once the band started their set it was clear 3 Inches of Blood came to Albany for two reasons, wave to flag of metal and kick some ass. With metal on their side 3 Inches of Blood executed thunderous riffs and blazing solos with deadly precision which successfully whipped the crowd into a frenzy in no time. Heads banged from the front to the back while the circle pit raged and despite the fact the audience was unable to match Cam Pipes glass shattering vocals the crowd screamed the words to each and every song. Watching 3 Inches of Blood’s set it became evident to everyone in the room that heavy metal will never die and bands like 3 Inches of Blood are the reason. The set ended with the crowd looking exhausted and the band looking triumphant, they waved the flag of heavy metal and kicked everyone’s ass along the way.

The last band of the night were Richmond, Virginia party thrashers Municipal Waste. With the boiling temperatures and crazy pits brought on by the previous bands that night you would think the audience would have been worn out, but that simply wasn’t the case. The very second Municipal Waste hit the stage the madness began. Stage diving, crowd surfing and a crazy circle pit all broke out simultaneously leaving anyone on the floor a victim of the thrashacre that was taking place. For a little over an hour the non-stop assault raged on as Municipal Waste fired through hits from all of their albums including Wrong Answer, Beer Pressure, Terror Shark, Sadistic Magician, You’re Cut Off and The Art of Partying (just to name a few). The band executed their diverse set with complete and utter perfection and the crowd showed their appreciation by thrashing like total maniacs throughout. However like they say, all good things must come to an end and Municipal Waste had to exit the stage. Even though the bands set ended before the crowd would of liked Municipal Waste still managed to fuck EVERYONE up, thereby ending a great night of heavy metal!

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