It’s been a while, not only since I wrote a new feature but since I wrote about a killer crossover band. Today both of these things are going to change and the band responsible for this are none other than the most controversial thrash band in Boston Massachusetts, Gas Attack!

Fresh off the release of their third album War, Famine, Pestilence & Tits this five piece band have proved they are worthy of their most controversial thrash band title with their jaw dropping lyrics that range from drinking, fighting and even lowering the age of consent. Although the lyrics may very well define the word controversy one can’t help but scream them on top of their lungs while cracking open a delicious brew. As a matter of fact everything about Gas Attack will have any listener cracking open a delicious brew, especially the bands unique blend of hardcore, punk and thrash which is designed to get your head banging and your body moving. Unless you’re deaf or a complete and utter fool that’s exactly what you’ll do. Why? Because you simply won’t be able to resist the GAS ATTACK!

The bottom line is that Gas Attack are nothing short of a fun filled band that any fan of crossover is going to want to hear, so check ’em out over on Facebook!

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