REVIEW: F.K.U – Where Moshers Dwell (2009)

Sweden’s F.K.U (or Freddy Krueger’s Underwear) are nothing short of a fantastic and fun filled listen. The band has always been known for creating killer thrash metal in the vein of D.R.I, Exodus and Overkill while throwing in hilarious lyrics about their love of metal and classic horror movies. Push all of F.K.U’s theatrics to the side and what you’re left with is a down right killer thrash metal band that will have your head banging and your fist pumping all while there’s a smile plastered on your face. In 2009 the band proved once again they are in fact the horror metal moshing machine by releasing their third album Where Moshers Dwell through Italy’s Metal On Metal Records.

Featuring 17 tracks and coming in at nearly 40 minutes F.K.U have once again found the thrash nerve and although not everyone out there is a horror movie buff (myself included) F.K.U’S music offers plenty of other elements which make this album great. The riffs for example are well executed and full of energy, you’d have to be either deaf or a damn fool not to enjoy them. However we all know greats riffs aren’t the only thing that makes a great thrash album, and once again F.K.U deliver the goods, this time in the form of ripping solos, pounding drums and a nice range of vocals. Add up all these great features and what you have is an express ticket to cloud nine, and you better pack your bags because you’re gonna be there for a while. This album is as addicting as it is fun, and trust me when I say this album is FUN!!

OVERALL: 100/100

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