LICH KING Announce Tour Plans And Fill In Guitarist!!

For those of you who are Lich King fans I bring you good news! A short time ago the band announced a pretty epic show on July 27th in which the band will be opening for Diamond Plate and Morbid Saint in the windy city of Chicago. However since Chicago is such a long way away from the bands native New England home and driving nearly thirty hours and back wouldn’t make any sense, Lich King have announced a tour!! Although dates have yet to be revealed fans everywhere rejoiced, and why not? It’s not every day Lich King go on tour.

However in an unfortunate turn of events Lich King announced that their resident facemelter Rob would be unable to embark on the bands epic tour. So what’s a band to do when their lead guitarist is unable to tour with the band? Cancel and disappoint their fans? Not if your Lich King, no instead what the band has decided to do is find a guitarist to fill in. But who has the ability to fill such big shoes? If you guessed Razormaze/Sonic Pulse lead guitarist Dave Carlino then you my good reader have guessed correctly!

Feel free to read that last sentence again and once you’re done allow me to sum things up for you. Lich King have tapped a facemelter to fill in for a facemelter. Good move Lich King, good move!

Keep your eyes opened for more epic news on Lich King’s tour when they are reveled! 

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