Have you ever listened to a band and then asked yourself “why aren’t these guys more popular?” Well if you haven’t then you certainly will once you hear the Polish thrashers known as Thermit! This band rules, and I mean RULES! Earlier this year the boys from Poznan released a very promising and downright phenomenal demo entitled BEER’n’DEMO. Made up of six addicting as hell tracks BEER’n’DEMO has it all, from awesome production quality to killer head banging tracks that you will listen to over and over again. Simply put material like this never gets old, and how could it? Thermit have the uncanny ability of mixing their old-school influences together with their own modern day originality with the end result being insane riffs designed to snap necks, pulse pounding drums, a few funky bass lines and not to mention wailing high pitched vocals! BEER’n’DEMO is not just good, it’s you need to hear this stuff right away good. So do yourself a favor, check out Thermit over on their Facebook Page where the entire BEER’n’DEMO release is streaming for your listening pleasure. If you like what you hear then you can download the album for free at this location or if your one of those people who prefer a physical copy you can purchase it here. It doesn’t matter how you get your hands on DEMO’n’BEER just make sure you do, and you better make sure you keep an eye on Thermit because this band may very well be the next big thing in thrash!

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