REVIEW: Possessor – City Built With Skulls.

I’m a huge fan of ripping old-school thrash metal that is capable of melting faces and snapping necks song after song. If you’re like me then you definitely need to do yourself a favor and check out Possessor’s debut full length album City Built With Skulls, which is the latest release from Ireland’s Slaney Records. As mentioned this album is a rip roaring slab of pure 80’s thrash which hurls the listener straight into the glory days of the genre. Listening to the album I get the feeling that Possessor weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel on City Built With Skulls but instead were more focused on making a down right killer thrash metal album, which is exactly what they did. Possessor jam pack all 11 tracks (excluding the intro and outro) with pure aggression and some pretty damn good music as well. There isn’t one track on this album that won’t have you banging your head, these riffs are deadly in the best possible way. However killer head banging riffs aren’t the only thing that City Built With Skulls has to offer, there are plenty of impressive solos that will have your jaw dropping closer and closer to the floor as they progress and the various drum patterns on the album are sure to please just about anyone. As if the band hasn’t already managed to capture your attention with their impressive skills vocalist Robbie Rainey will certainly do so with his vocal attack which ranges from the lowest of the low to glass shattering highs in the blink of an eye. Overall any fan of the thrash metal genre both young and old should find something to enjoy on City Built With Skulls, albums like this is why thrashers listen to thrash and with their debut album Possessor certainly prove the old adage of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” to be true!

Overall: 95/100

You can check Possessor out on Facebook and be sure to to listen to the album on the Slaney Records BandCamp Page at this location. If you like what you hear then order yourself a copy!

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