No Life Till BETRAYER F.T.M!

I haven’t discussed a band from South America in a while here on Global Thrash Assault and I can’t think of a better band to change all that than Columbia’s Betrayer F.T.M. Why Betrayer F.T.M you ask? As always the answer is simple, this band fucking rips! If you don’t believe me then you obviously haven’t heard the bands debut full length album No Life Till Fury. 

Released in 2010 this album does nothing but shred! Throughout the release Betrayer F.T.M combine elements of speed, thrash and “traditional” heavy metal in a way that will make you jump for joy like a fat kid eating peanut brittle. Every aspect of No Life Till Fury can be classified as is in your face fun From the furious drumming to the blistering solos all the way down to the aggressive vocals, there isn’t one element in Betrayer F.T.M that’s not running on all cylinders on this release, the musicianship is top notch. The ax attack of Betrayer F.T.M is perhaps the bands strongest element of all. The riffs are lightning fast, razor sharp and down right addicting as well. Not only will these killer riffs melt your face and cause you severe whiplash but they’ll dig deep into your skull, nestle their way into your brain and remain there for days upon days to come. Best of all the smile on your face when you done listening to No Life Till Fury will remain there for days upon days to come as well!
BOTTOM LINE: Betrayer FTM deliver the goods on their full length debut album. The band not only blends various styles of metal perfectly but their performance is top notch which adds up to one hell of an album! Listen to No Life Till Fury once and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll still be banging your head for days to come. Simply put, you’re gonna want to get your hands on this release!
OVERALL: 95/100

Be sure to check out Betrayer F.T.M on Facebook to listen to some of the bands music and for up to the minute regarding the band.

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