BLUDVERA Lose Guitarist, Seek Replacement.

This is a bummer. Earlier today UK thrash masters Bludvera announced via their Facebook Page that guitarist Michael Eaton has left the band. Vocalist Scott Clayton released this statement regarding the matter:

I regret to announce that our guitarist Michael Eaton has left the band due to personal circumstances and commitment issues.

We would like to offer you guys the chance to join Bludvera as our new guitarist and we will be holding auditions soon. If you’re interested in the role please don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you’d like to relocate to join an ambitious Thrash Metal band which in my opinion is only moving forward, this is also cool. If we don’t find anyone who we think is compatible with the band then we will be moving forward as a four-piece which will not bother us in the slightest.

What we’re looking for:
– A talented and punctual guitarist
– Someone who is committed to joining a Thrash band who plays all over the country.
– Someone with a half-decent image for the band (Not that important).

We would also like to announce that we’re currently writing new material and will hopefully be back in the studio towards the final quarter of the year.


– Your loving vocalist, Scott.

Although it always sucks when a band loses a member it appears that the Bludvera boys are keeping their heads held high and will be moving forward no matter what. This is great news because Bludvera kick some serious ass!

If you meet the qualifications of the band and you have the talent you should definitely get in touch with the band and set up an audition. It’s like Scott said, Bludvera is only moving forward!

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