Candy Striper Death Orgy is a band that classifies their genre of music as “100% Pure Fucking THRASH METAL.” Well ladies and gentlemen after giving a few tracks by this band a listen I have good news to report to you. Candy Striper Death Orgy are in fact 100% Pure Fucking THRASH METAL! With politically fueled lyrics and a killer old-school sound CSDO are here to make a point and kick some ass along the way. Whether you agree with the bands political point of view or not one thing is for certain, you’ll love what this bands music has to offer. How could you not? With killer influences ranging from Nuclear Assault to Slayer, CSDO deliver fast and downright angry music that features some damn good riffs, nice lead guitar work as well as some furious drumming and completing the package are pissed off vocals that will make your blood boil. Simply put this band rips in every possible way. 

Do yourself a favor and check out Candy Striper Death Orgy on their official website as well as their Facebook and ReverbNation Pages. 

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