NUCLEAR OMNICIDE Release Track Listing For Upcoming Debut Album

Earlier in the year Finnish thrashers Nuclear Omnicide inked a deal with the ever growing EBM Records. Although a release date has yet to be announced for the bands highly anticipated debut album all indications are pointing to a release date on the horizon. Recently Nuclear Omnicide announced that all recording and mastering for the album has been completed and just the other day the band released the track listing of their up and coming release! Check out the track titles below:

1. Blood Currency
2. Biotech
3. Unleash Yourself
4. Dedicating Your Life For Nothing
5. Nuclear Omnicide
6. Lethal Obsession
7. Worthless
8. Mr. Rabbit
9. Koodinimi: Koskenkorva
10. The Presence Of Evil

If these tracks are like anything we’ve heard from Nuclear Omnicide in the past this is guaranteed to be a killer album! The band also promises they’re are more details to come and once released I guarantee to bring them to you!

If you haven’t heard of Nuclear Omnicide then you’re missing out on some killer tunes. Be sure to check the band out on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for more details on the bands debut release!

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