NUKLEAR INFEKTION Unleash Weapons Of Massive Genocide!

Formed in 2011 Nuklear Infektion may be new comers to the thrash scene but after listening to their recently released debut EP Weapons Of Massive Genocide I find this hard to believe. The production quality on Weapons… may not be superior, however the bands musicianship on this release can only be described as such, superior. Weapons of Massive Genocide is a hard album not to enjoy, in fact you can’t help but love it. The anger and aggression found on this release add up to five tracks of pure thrash metal bliss that will leave you crippled and starving for more.

The riffs are old-school, fast as fuck and a shining example of Nuklear Infektion’s unrelenting aggression. In fact the axe attack on Weapons… is best described with one word, vicious. You’ll head will bang until your brain liquifies and drains out your nose and even then you’ll continue to listen. Why? Because Nuklear Infektion deliver the goods track after track. If the insane guitars don’t give you the fix that every die hard thrasher is in search of, fear not. There are plenty of other elements that will. Take for example the furious drumming of Hugo Melo, whose pounding beats of pure intensity will cause your chest cavity to collapse and leave you in a state of utter disbelief. Snapping you back to reality are harsh in your face vocals that match the aggression of Nuklear Infktion’s music pound for pound and round out the band nicely.

In every aspect Weapons Of Massive Genocide is nothing short of fantastic. It’s aggressive, raw, and in your face. If you’re anything like me then you’re gonna love this album. Don’t believe me? Then you should take a listen to Nuklear Infektion’s debut below to see (or in this case hear) just how wrong you really are.

You want it, you need it and you simply have to own a copy of Weapons of Massive Genocide. Be sure to get your copy of Nuklear Infektion’s debut EP by contacting the band whose contact information can be found on there BandPage at this location, and for more information head on over the the official Nuklear Infektion Facebook Page!

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