INTERCEPTOR Will Have You Unleashing Your Inner Beast!!

Interceptor are yet another band that is putting Italian thrash metal on the map. Formed in 2009 the band under went dramatic line-up changes for nearly two years until finally in 2011 the band established a stable line-up allowing Interceptor to unleash their debut EP “One With The Beast..Meet With The Damned” upon masses. The album starts off with the sounds of an orchestra but as soon as the intro ends you better strap yourself in. From this point on Interceptor will take you on an old-school thrill ride that is as fast as it is furious. Featuring face melting intensity, a few killer solos and riffs that are sure to break your freakin’ neck, One With The Beast…Meet With The Damned has something for everyone including a killer cover of the Grim Reaper tune See You In Hell. The bottom line is One With The Beast…Meet With The Damned is mandatory for any fan of the thrash metal genre, it’s a great album by a great band and you’re gonna want to hear it. So do yourself a favor and check Interceptor out on their Facebook Page and if you like what you hear then you should do yourself another favor and buy yourself a copy of One With The Beast…Meet With The Damned at this location!

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