PRIPJAT Will Pummel You!!

German thrashers Pripjat are less than a year old and already the band is making a name for themselves in a big way. During the bands short existence Pripjat has managed to play a number of gigs and earlier this year the band released it’s spectacular debut demo. 

Pripjat may be a young band but listening to their music you would never think it. Not only does the band show great maturity in their lyrics (discussing topics such as the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the psycho Charles Manson and the mandatory song about loving thrash) but Pripjat also display musical chops that will impress even the most seasoned thrash warrior. The playing is tight and the riffs are not only killer but highly original which just adds to the bands maturity. As if the whiplash inducing riffs weren’t spectacular enough, Pripjat throw in a few killer bass lines, pounding drums and face melting solos for good measure. Simply put this is some killer material by a band the you all need to know about, and you really have no excuse not to listen to Pripjat since the band is kindly giving killer demo away as a free download at this location! 
Pripjat have a very bright future ahead of them, you can stay up to date with the bands activities by following the band on their official Facebook Page. As mentioned above be sure to download Pripjat’s fantastic debut demo for free, it simply won’t disappoint!

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