K.T.C.M. Will Kick Your Teeth In!

K.T.C.M. are a pretty bad ass crossover band from Houston, Texas. Formed in 2006 by a group of friends who love metal, K.T.C.M. have been making a name for themselves by playing a ton of shows and writing some pretty bad ass music as well. The bands fast and aggressive style of playing will have you banging your head while circle pit around your living room, the scary part is you won’t even realize what you’re doing until you break a lamp and even then, who gives a fuck? The killer riffs and intense vocals will have you sweeping that shit under the carpet and continuing your mad thrash assault!

You HAVE to check K.T.C.M. out over on the bands Official Facebook Page. While you’re there be sure to crank up the volume and THRASH!

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