Get Crushed By ASSAULTER’S Raging Mosh!

I love the Italian thrash metal scene. Every week I seem find a new band from this country and I’m always impressed by what I hear. My latest discovery is a band hailing from Taranto who go by the name of Assaulter. In 2009 the band solidified their line-up and later that year Assaulter released their debut EP “Crushed By Raging Mosh” which saw much success in their native country and sold copies world wide.

After given Crushed By Raging Mosh a spin I quickly found myself playing the album over and over again. The overall aggression on Assaulter’s debut release is nothing short of in your face while the production and musicianship is top notch. The harsh vocals spew out lyrics that range anywhere from drinking beer to thrashing shit up all while high speed riffs have you banging your head harder than you ever have before. The killer leads that can be found throughout the album will not only melt your face but have you wondering where this band has been your entire life.

The bottom line is you need Assaulter in your life, the mosh is raging and if you’re not getting crushed then you’re missing out. Throw yourself into the pit and check out Assaulter on Facebook, bang your head to some of the bands tunes that can be found on “Crushed By Raging Mosh” and enjoy the friendly violent fun!

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