Tensions Arise are an Australian band that was brought to my attention by Nekrofeist front man Dave Tinelt. Formed in 2008 by vocalist Kazzy Kage, Tensions Arise formed with the intention to bring life back into a dying metal scene by bringing things back to their original roots. Although this five piece band isn’t entirely thrash, elements of the genre can be found throughout the bands music, in fact there isn’t much that can’t be found on the bands debut EP Welcome…To Sin City. Although the bands influences may be scattered throughout the metal industry, they come together in fantastic form on …Sin City. Groove laced tracks with harsh vocals that are raw and in your face combine to increase your blood pressure to levels that would alarm any physician. You’ll scream your head off until you taste blood and even then you’ll continue to scream. Why? Because it’s that good, that’s why.

If you find yourself drooling just reading about this band then you should really head on over to the Tensions Arise Facebook Page and give a few of their tracks a listen. If your heart doesn’t explode from what you hear then you’ll be glad to know the band has just finished up recording their second EP with producer Logan Mader (DevilDriver, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and most recently Bonded By Blood) in Los Angeles. Having heard the rough demos of the upcoming release it’s safe to say that once again your blood pressure will spike, and tensions will arise. If you’re an East Coast thrasher  here in the United States then you’re in luck, Tensions Arise will be playing in a show in New York this Sunday (May 20th) at Sullivan Hall, so if you’re in the area stop by and show these Aussies some love and enjoy the show!

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