Face The Storm And Listen To DREADFIRE!

It seems that wherever I look these days people are talking about the band Dreadfire and for whatever reason I just never clicked on the bands page. However once I received an email from the band informing me of their recently released EP “Face The Storm” I knew this was a band I needed to check out. After listening to Dreadfire’s recent release two things became evident:

1) I’m a total ass for not checking this band out sooner.


These Portuguese thrashers have created nothing short of a modern day ragger with Face The Storm. The album is jam packed with deadly mid-paced riffs that will not only kick your teeth in but leave you with a severe case of whiplash as well. Although that sounds extremely violent, I guarantee you’ll enjoy every second of it. Face The Storm is in fact a prime example of an album that is “all killer and no filler,” once you hit play it’s simply impossible not to bang your head. Even when your neck is sore beyond belief you won’t be able to resist the urge to hit play and do it all over again and again and again!

Do yourself a favor and check Dreadfire out over on Facebook and if you’re looking for a killer album then be sure to download Face The Storm for FREE at this location!

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