I love discovering new and exciting bands, my latest discovery was brought to my attention by a tweet on the Global Thrash Assault Twitter account (@GTAssault). Hailing from Quebec Canada Powered By Death are a new band and have just released their debut demo entitled Plug It In earlier this month. After giving listening to this release over and over I’m pretty impressed by what I hear and I have no problem saying Powered By Death have a bright future ahead of them!

Powered By Death get straight to the point on their debut release, Plug It In features four tracks of killer thrash metal. Even though you may not of heard of this band yet trust me when I say you already love them. And how could you not? Powered By Death take an approach to thrash that is a little more modern but features just enough of the old-school to appeal to any thrasher whether they be young or old. Once you hit play the killer riffs, harsh vocals and fantastic leads will cause your head to bang and your body to thrash around involuntary. Plug It In is a demo you’re gonna want to hear by a band you need to know about! Listen to this demo once and you won’t be abel to stop!

Lucky for you (and thrashers every where) Powered By Death are giving Plug It In away as a free download via their Facebook and ReverbNation Pages so you’ll be able to listen to it over and over as many times as you’d like! Just one question remains…what are you waiting for?

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