Early last week I received the following email:

We are a new band featuring members of Razormaze, Skull Hammer, Ravage, and a former member of Vindicator.  We’re tying to mix Thrash with Power Metal, and were wondering if you’d like to review our new album, Lager Than Life (Releasing June 1).

After reading the above email I became more excited than a fat kid at a Golden Corral and nearly shit my pants. Skull Hammer and Razormaze are two of my favorite bands in the new wave of thrash and Ravage and Vindicator aren’t to shabby either. My expectations were high before hitting play and after listening to the bands debut album “Lager Than Life” they were far exceeded!

Sonic Pulse have created an album that is as addicting as it is fun. I ask you, what could be better than listening to lyrics about drinking beer, listening to metal and zombies that smoke weed? The answer is absolutely nothing! However Sonic Pulse aren’t just about funny lyrics, the musicianship on the bands debut album is in fact larger than life. Insane riffs that are catchy as hell and solos that are reminiscent of DragonForce at times, make light speed look like an elderly women driving 20 in a 40 while being executed with deadly precision by the axe attack of Dave R Maze and Mick Mayer.

Perhaps the biggest surprise from Sonic Pulse is the fact that Dan Hammer (who is best known as the drummer of Skull Hammer and Ravage) has stepped away from the behind kit and has moved to the front of the stage as the bands lead vocalist. Although a major transition Mr. Hammer does a fine job and delivers the previously mentioned lyrics (and more) in away that would make you think he’s been doing it for years. Rounding out Sonic Pulse is bassist Matt C. Axe who throws down some killer bass lines all the while drummer Joe Bollettiero pounds his kit close to death and then stomps it into submission with his crazy foot work. Simply put every member of Sonic Pulse have performed at the highest caliber delivered the goods in a spectacular manner.

BOTTOM LINE: The members of Sonic Pulse set out to create an album that would be fun to listen to and after hearing Lager Than Life it’s safe to say that’s exactly what they did.

OVERALL: 95/100

For more on Sonic Pulse be sure to check the band out on Facebook, also be sure to check out some of the bands merchandise including Larger Than Life at this location!

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