War Engine are a five piece thrash band from the country of Serbia who will have you banging your head in no time! The information section of War Engine’s Facebook page states: “If you want fuckin’ thrash, we’re the band for you!” After listening to the bands five track demo that was released just last year I have to say: If you want fuckin’ thrash, War Engine are the band for you!

Through and through this is a promising demo and the fact that it’s the bands debut has me ecstatic. One of the first things that stood out to me was the killer quality on this release which makes this demo sound more like an EP and allows the listener to enjoy every head banging riff War Engine throws your way. Tracks like Chemical Warfare, Civilian Casualties and War Engine are some of my favorite tracks on the demo and each of these tracks will have you pumping your fist and banging your head while circle pitting around your dining room table. High energy and great riffs is what War Engine have set out to deliver and not only has the band delivered these things, they delivered them ahead of schedule and as a result have found themselves a place in the heart of this thrash maniac and once you give them a listen I’m certain they will find a place in yours too!

Check out the track Chemical Warfare below and for more on War Engine and to listen to the bands entire demo head on over to the official War Engine Facebook Page! 

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